Branding Cost for Small Businesses - 2024 Price Guide

Article published at: May 2, 2024
Branding Cost for Small Businesses - 2024 Price Guide
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Logo and brand considerations

Your logo represents your company at a first glance, the first point of contact with your customers. It ought to be easily identifiable, readable, authentic to the essence of your brand and target audience, and distinctive. Of course, very experienced designers will be more able to accomplish all of the above - and will charge more in consequence. 

You can work with a big marketing firm, a seasoned boutique branding agency, or a freelancer for your branding. The cost of an online logo and a comprehensive branding package from a large agency will differ significantly, so before selecting a branding provider, take your budget and the complexity of your requirements into account.

A logo with a simple typographic design will cost far less than one that requires hand artwork, embroidery, or animation. The complexity of the required logo will also have a significant impact on the price.

The cost will be higher if you require more than three to five iterations. All logo ideas should to include three or four logo concepts for selection, further concepts and more than three revision rounds will usually incur an hourly cost.

So how much does a logo cost? 

  • For small businesses, logo design and brand guidelines are the most popular branding package. This typically include a logo, suggested typefaces, colour palettes, and occasionally a mood board with photography requirements. The price tends to be in the $1,000 - $5,000 range, depending on the size of the agency, experience of the designer and complexity of requirements. 
  • The next step up consists of brand guidelines, a logo, and simple stationery. Collateral, photography, bespoke graphics, packaging design and production, and much more can be a part of more intricate projects. Cost: $2,000-$10,000
  • If your company wants to compete in a highly saturated market or if your website and branding must follow tight brand compliance rules, you may need to allocate up to 30% of your launch budget.
  • Rebranding a small business often costs two to five percent of total yearly income. If investing more in updating their brand image boosts profitability and offers them an edge over rivals, many well-established companies will do so.

Logo and Brand Design Pricing at a Glance

Market Research $1K–$7K
Logo Design $2K–$8K
Visual Style Guide $1K–$5K
Packaging Design $1K–$5K
Printing & Production Management $1K–$5K
Average Brand Design Cost for Small Businesses $2,000 to $30,000+
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